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About us

We are a company engaged in collection and export of lead acid batteries. We are the direct link between waste battery holder and the leading EU refineries. We unite industry professionals with more than 15 years of experience in different countries at different battery recycling cycle levels. We are a part of Batteripengar - a Scandinavian network for collection of used lead-acid batteries. Batteripengar is the second biggest battery collector in Sweden.
Originally Batteripengar story started in Sweden in 2010 with a clear goal to trade with lead acid batteries in a way that has never been done in Scandinavia. Until then, the market had been dominated by a single collection system and a local refinery. A few attempts to export had been made, but for various reasons never worked. In 2012 we finally started to export and because the price level in the European market was significantly higher than in Sweden, we were able to offer our customers prices that have not been introduced before. Today in Swedish market the price situation has stabilized at a level almost 20% above the prices that were only a few years ago. Millions have gone back where they belong - to the collectors! It is our customers who do the rough job and, of course, they should be paid the most.

What we buy

Automobile, truck batteries, motorcycle batteries, batteries used in construction and farming machinery
Stationary batteries used in large backup power supplies for telephone and computer centers
Traction batteries used in forklifts, golf carts and other battery electric vehicles.
UPS batteries
Electric scooters, electric wheelchairs, electrified bicycles, battery electric vehicles or micro hybrid vehicles batteries
Marine applications batteries

Our service

We provide free of charge pick up from the customer’s place starting from 1 tone (that equals to average 65 automotive batteries)
We provide free of charge battery storage containers to our regular customers
We consult, educate and support our customers in finding a more profitable, easier and reliable way
We pay the highest price per 1 kg based on lead price at London Metal Exchange (LME).
Upon the customer’s request, we declare deliveries on behalf of our customer at

How it works

Register your request at this webpage or call us
Get the best price offer and pickup date on the same day
Get paid straight after the pickup
If you are our regular customer and borrow containers from us, we will replace full containers with the empty ones
If you prefer to deliver your batteries on your own you can do it to our hub at Alvimveien 62, 1722 Sarpsborg

Why us

Best price

We guarantee that we will always pay the most in the long term. Export to the leading EU refineries gives us access to the top selling prices and the most convenient price fixation terms that we share with our customers.

Quick payment

We pay on the same or the following day after collection!

Free battery boxes

We lend special battery containers to our regular customers free of charge.

Free support

We offer 24/7 free of charge support to our regular customers on any concern or question related to environmental rules, market situation, pricing, logistics, etc.

Environmental responsibility


Because of corrosive (acid) and toxic (lead and lead compounds) substances, waste lead-acid batteries, code 16.06.01*, are classified as environmentally hazardous waste and the handling of them is regulated by the relevant hazardous waste management acts and regulations.


Used lead-acid batteries should not be mixed with non-hazardous waste or with other types of hazardous waste and shall be stored indoors and on a hard surface capable of catching any run-off or in suitable containers.


An enterprise where used lead-acid batteries are generated shall deliver this waste only to the hazardous waste handling entities that are authorized under the terms of sections 11-6 and 11-7 of the Pollution Control Act.


Every company which has/produces or receives used lead-acid batteries (as any other hazardous waste) must create a profile and declare deliveries at The declaration must be accomplished before physical delivery of the waste to a waste facility.


Recycling is another purpose of sorting and collection of batteries.


Up to 99% of car battery may be recycled and used to make new batteries and other products. By recycling the substances in the batteries, we reduce the need for virgin materials.


The collection, storage and export activities of Norway Metals AS are handled following all applicable rules and on the basis of valid permissions and procedures of the highest quality.

Environmental policy

An important part of Batteripengar's vision is to be one of the companies
leading the way towards environmentally
sustainable recovery.
This means that: We always live up to environmental targets set by the authorities.

Security, results and cooperation are fundamental to our business.

We make every effort to choose modern, efficient and environmentally friendly technologies that balance the environment and economy.

We strive to increase our use of energy sources and technologies with low carbon dioxide emissions and other substances.

We evaluate environmental performance when selecting suppliers, contractors and business partners.

We encourage our customers to use energy efficiently as a way to reduce environmental impact.
The result of our environmental work creates good conditions for sustainable business development and increase of our competitiveness.

We comply with applicable laws, regulations and permits. Through constant improvements, our ambition is to be a leading company and an example in the market in which we operate.

In our area of business, we focus on environmental protection, pollution prevention and human health. Our actions are characterized by respect for the cultures that exist in the areas in which we operate.

We are keen to pursue an open dialogue in everything that concerns the environmental impact of our business.

Batteripengar not only has a commitment to the laws and regulations that cover the management of hazardous waste, but also to our partners. We are always open to reporting all our states in the relationships we choose to be included
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